meet our team!

shira zur (she/her) 

founder of love letters magazine and head editor 

hi, my name is shira zur and i live in seattle, washington! in the fall, i will be attending the university of washington and am hoping to pursue journalism. i have loved to read and write ever since i can remember, and wanted to make my own teen-run mag to make it easier for high schoolers all over to share and receive feedback on their stories/poems/other creations!  

naomi leites (she/her) 

song/poetry co-editor and instagram co-manager

my name is naomi leites (she/her), and i’m a senior in high school living in seattle! i’ve loved writing, music, and art in general for as long as i can remember. i write short stories, poetry, and songs. i’m so excited to be a part of this team!

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ash reynolds (they/them) 

prose head editor and twitter manager

hi! my name is ash reynolds and i’m a junior in high school. i’ve always loved writing and have been doing it since i was a little kid, as well as other forms of art like drawing, photography and music! i’m super excited to be part of this team and help with such a cool project!

ruby bennett (she/her) 

prose c0-editor and instagram co-manager

hey! my name is ruby bennett and i am a junior in high school. english has always been one of my favorite subjects, and i love the creativity and freedom of expression that comes with writing! i also love to read, and it is how I expand my knowledge and learn about the world, which I really enjoy. i am super siked to be a part of this magazine!

jaya valji (she/her) 

song and poetry co-editor 

hey! my name is jaya valji and i’m an indo-canadian living in seattle, washington. i'll be attending the university of washington at the jackson school of international studies in the fall. i’ve loved music all my life and find joy as well as therapy in it. i primarily play cello and piano, but also know the guitar, ukulele, viola, and drums. i’ve been exploring songwriting for the past couple years and love connecting with others around the world through our magazine!